Ever since we were children, we were constantly reminded to brush our teeth.  As annoying as the reminder was, the action of brushing your teeth is the single greatest proactive action anyone, no matter their age, can take for their oral health.  We have been taught that flossing and using antiseptic mouthwash are a close second and third.

A yearly visit to the dentist is important to evaluate your teeth, gums, and bone health.  Tell your dentist if you have any pain, sensitivities and if you wear dentures tell them about any discomfort or issues you are having.  This annual visit is important to get a professional cleaning and to evaluate your mouth for oral cancer.  A healthy mouth is important for self-confidence and healthy eating.

If your loved one has dementia, it is best to schedule their appointment for early in the day when they are at their best.  Discuss ahead of time any issues they report to you or that you observe so you can relay that to the dentist and staff.  Alert the office that the patient has dementia at the time you schedule the appointment and be sure to repeatedly discuss the upcoming appointment and what to expect with the patient so that they are best prepared.

Source: WebMD and Department of Health and Human Services

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