How To Pay For Services

Quality Home Staffing

Quality Home Staffing

How to Pay for Services?

Your Home Court Advantage and CBHomeCare along with our Family of Providers, can accept reimbursement from Veterans Administration Programs, Medicaid programs, Passport, certain Medicare Advantage plans, contracted Managed Care Insurance Payors, various Long-Term Care Insurance Payors, Self-Funded Employers, and Private Pay or Client Self-Pay.

When you call to make a referral, our intake team will explore with you the best way to obtain reimbursement for services. Every person and situation are unique and sometimes complex, but we make the process of obtaining care simple.

Our dedicated intake team can be reached at 1-800-700-0008 or 234-236-5697 to discuss the various payment options available to you. They can help you understand what is necessary to receive authorization for services as well as review all services that you may be eligible for. Our seasoned team of intake experts will help you understand the closest office location that can serve your needs and ensure that you receive the care you deserve or feel free to contact our local branch office.